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Welcome to our new site for information on fishing the Coasts of the Carolina's. Carolina coastal fishing in the bountiful waters in North and South Carolina produce a haven for many sport anglers. Trophy catches of Red Drum and Bluefish, as well as Striper and Flounder Fishing are just a few of the huge fish that troll the beaches of NC, while SC sees similar fish, but Shark Tarpon and Sheepshead are seen more abundantly there.

Gulf Stream fishing off the Carolina's have always been a great place for the huge game to be found. Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna and Mahi Mahi are routinely caught throughout the year. The Carolina's have even become one of the most populated waters of Mahi in the Continental United States surpassing Florida in recent studies.

From the fabled Outer Banks of North Carolina, to the back waters of Charleston and Beaufort South Carolina our Coasts provide endless possibilities of great sport angling. Wreck Fishing is also abundant in the Carolina's. The Outer Banks alone hold over 100 Ship Wrecks.

I'm Randy a native to North Carolina and have traveled up and down our coasts all my life. Vacations as a kid to Myrtle Beach with the family first started my passion for saltwater fishing. Seeing the charter boats come in from a day on the gulf stream always got me excited to see the days catch.

Also to see the pictures of the 1800 lb Tiger Shark caught off of Cherrygrove Pier would make anyone catch the angler fever.

I don't claim to be an expert, as I know I'm not the best angler in the world or my family. But I have a passion for helping others to learn and appreciate Sport Fishing on our Coasts. I love to share my knowledge with anyone that asks, and thats the reason for this site. I want to share my knowledge of our waters with visitors, and those interested in Carolina coastal fishing.

Every angler can learn something new every time on the water. All anglers have a flaw and that is only utilizing the tactics that are popular in your geographical area. A lot of times you can catch more fish by trying different tactics than your use to, or have been taught to use.

"That's the ways we do it, that's the way we've always done it mentality."
I’ve learned on every trip I've been on the water. Whether it was just a simple Hook difference, How to Set your Hook or how different species spawn I’ve tried to learn something to benefit me in the future, especially when I try fishing new waters.

How much information do you need to learn to throw a hook in the water?
Throwing a hook in the water is just a part of it. You need to increase your chances by selecting where to fish, and what to expect in that spot. What Inshore Species, sizes, locations, and when to fish the areas can all be useful information for a great day of fishing. Learning what areas attract fish and why, as well as learning how they utilize the ocean to survive are key to successful fishing.

That's where we come in. Our guide to the Crolina's Coastal Fishing is designed for the complete newbie in mind, but we want to deliver information that is useful for the seasoned "expert". We want to start with the basics and build up our data to include more advanced angling and techniques.

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With so many sites on the web who do I trust for great information?
Many angling "experts" try to get you into their site promising drastic changes in your fishing results and how many fish you put in the cooler or boat. While some changes in your fishing can result in huge positive changes in your success rate (like actually leaving your line in the water instead of constantly checking your hook that's an easy one!) most tactical shifts in fishing result in slight improvements in your landing percentages.

Improving on many flaws and techniques will help you become a successful angler. After all they didn't build Rome in a day, and it takes a lot of experience and practice to be an angler on TV. (Everyone's Dream Job!) Try some of these methods next time on the water and watch your success rate jump!

Carolina fishing can be some of the greatest in the Mid-Atlantic US waters. So lets get started! Read through our articles about the great Carolina coastal fishing.

NC Beaches |
We look at the NC Beaches that are great for fishing.
SC Beaches |
We look at the SC Beaches that are great for fishermen.
Bluefish |
We look at the origins and habits of the Bluefish.
Bluefish Fishing - How to Catch Blues on a Rod and Reel |
Bluefish Fishing techniques and methods on using the rigs for landing more Blues.
Bluefish Rigs and Tackle |
A look at bluefish rigs and tackle that land blues from snapper to chopper sizes. Fireball, Mullet, and wire leader rigs.
North Carolina Red Drum Fishing |
We look at the best place for North Carolina Red Drum Fishing.
Striped Bass / Striper |
A general discription of striped bass and their life.
Estuary |
We look at what an estuary is and how they benefit the ocean
Estuary Fishing |
We look at estuary fishing, and ways to find more fish in them.
Jetty Fishing |
We look at jetty fishing and what makes it a great fishing location.
Fluorocarbon |
We look at fluorocarbon and its new revelations in the fishing industry.
Braided Fishing Line |
A brief look at the new generation of braided fishing line.
Fishing Knots |
Fishing Knots are used for attaching tackle and fishing line together to the main line. We list some of the most used Knots in fishing.
Albright Knot |
The Albright Knot is a perfect knot for joining 2 lines of different diameters. CLICK HERE to learn hot to tie this knot.
Bimini Twist |
We look at the Bimini Twist and its purposes in fishing.
Improved Clinch Knot |
How to tie the improved clinch knot with this instructional video and discription of its uses.
Setting your Drag |
We look at how setting your drag increases your chances for success on the water.
The Dropper Loop |
A look at the dropper loop and how it work in fishing.
Double Bottom Rig |
We look at the double bottom rig and what makes it a great rig to use while you fish in saltwater.
Fireball Rig |
We look at the fireball rig and its uses and benefits for fishing.
Setting a Hook |
We look at setting a hook in the fish's mouth properly. Was to improve you catch ratio.
Kayak Safety |
We look at kayak safety, and ways to keep yourself safe while paddling on the water.
Fort Fisher NC |
A description of fort fisher nc and the productivity of its fishing water.
Conventional Fishing Rods |
A brief discription of conventional fishing rods.
Spinning Fishing Rods |
A look at spinning fishing rods. We talk about similarities and differnces in these rods.
North Carolina Saltwater Fishing License |
we look at the needed north carolina saltwater fishing license and links to places to get them.
Bluefish Recipe |
We look at readers submitted bluefish recipe, and share some that he have tasted.
Spanish Mackerel Fishing |
We look at the aspects of spanish mackerel fishing in the carolina's and how to produce great action.
Freezing your Fish |
we look at tips on freezing your fish after the days catch
Rapala Knot |
We show a video of how to tie the Rapala knot as well as applications for use.
Surf Satellite Sinker |
We look at the benefits of using a surf satellite sinker and how they work in the water.
Kayak Fishing For Red Drum |
How to catch Redfish while kayak fishing for red drum
Carolina fishing blog is about the coastal fishing in the Carolinas. We look at all aspects of saltwater fishing and what to expect in North and South Carolina, as well as great locations to fish.

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